Building Azure cloud service without Visual Studio


I have mostly worked in systems technologies, building things like operating system, hypervisor, networking protocols and other virtualization related technologies. I love building system software due to simplicity of the overall software stack, programming languages (C and assembly) and tools to build this software. During my work on Windows Network Controller, I spent some time building WCF services in C#. I really liked coding in C# as it is a very well designed high level language and makes coding some of things much faster. However, at times I felt lost in the myriad of abstractions, frameworks and tools. Fortunately, for the service I was building, all the framework details were handled by a core framework team, and that allowed me to focus on writing the core business logic for my service without getting bogged down in all the other details. Even though I was able to build my service faster; I continued to feel lost at the magic, framework components performed; to do things like cross machine API invocation, associated security handling etc. (more…)

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